Leatherback Ecotours

St. Kitts serves as a nesting ground for the critically endangered leatherback sea turtle. Leatherback nesting season runs from March through July. Join the SKSTMN to observe the nesting process April 15th through June 15th annually. Guests will accompany the research team from 8pm until midnight to observe nesting female leatherbacks.  Participants must obtain a nightwalk permit in order to join the research team.  Interaction with nesting females on your own is illegal, considered harassment and carries a 5,000EC fine.  All proceeds from tours are used in educational outreach and to provide salaries for local tour guides and sea turtle technicians.

What you should know

tour dates:

April 15th - June 15th annually


60US; 162EC

to arrange a tour:

Call the Sea Turtle Hotline @ 764-6664


*No Flash Photography

*No lights

*Only 10 tour permits per night per beach

What does my tour fee cover?

A trained guide from 8pm until 12am
1 local non-alcoholic beverage
Packet of sea turtle information

what to bring:

Jacket or long-sleeved shirt

Rain protection

Comfortable shoes

for more information or to obtain a permit:

Contact the Sea Turtle Hotline @ 764-6664