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Leatherback ecotours are currently unavailable in 2019 due to the major decline in nesting activity by our leatherback females. Hopefully we will be able to resume them in 2020 but will not be able to determine this until April 2020 so please check back.

The SKSTMN offers leatherback ecotours during busy nesting seasons April 15th through June 15th. Guests join the research team from 8pm until midnight under the supervision of a trained guide on one of the main nesting beaches.  If a leatherback sea turtle comes ashore during this time guests observe the nesting process.  If a turtle is not observed during a guest's first visit to the beach they may return at no additional charge until they do witness a sea turtle nesting event. Only 10 bookings are available per night so please book well in advance of your preferred dates.

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